Welcome to José Moura Selections, importer of selected chateaux, domaines, and bodegas. It is an honor and privilege to bridge exceptional wines from local farmers throughout Europe’s and California’s choicest regions, with trend-setting crowds and seasoned aficionados alike throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.  

Roche des Lumières is enchantment for the masses from the Loire Valley of France @rochedeslumieres #rochedeslumieres

Cava Castellar is for celebrating ‘more’. When we level-up, we pop the cava. @cavacastellar #popthecava #cavacastellar

Sprezzatura Cuvée Esperanza Prosecco Brut from Treviso, Italy. An expression of love #expresslove @sprezzaturawine

Our Dreams, our work, our joy, one story at a time. Story Hill wine @storyhillwine #onestoryatatime

José Moura’s Portfolio by Region 

2020 Wine List from France 

2020 Wine List from Spain

2020 Wine List from Italy

2020 Wine List from California

El Blog de José

Wine is part of Modern Civilization

Some would argue Modern Civilization began in the latter part of the Stone Age, a period known as the Neolithic Age. Pottery, domestication of animals, farming, religion, and other fundamental components of modern society began or flourished around the world during this period, between 4,500 to 10,000 years ago. Coincidently, winemaking also started at this juncture in human evolution. Wine is older than tea and coffee! (Image: Picking grapes, from the Tomb of Nakht, Valley of the Nobles, Thebes. New Kingdom, 18th Dynasty, ca. 1550-1292 BC.)



Since 2003, José Moura Selections has explored the local farm lands of Europe’s choicest regions in search of broader accessibility to rare and exquisite quality wines for the US and Puerto Rico markets. Soon, our search will expand to the American Frontier — the California Wine Country.  

Based in New York City, José Moura Selections specializes in introducing exceptional and hard-to-find wines to trend-setting restaurants and bars.
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Morcilla (pronounced mor•see•ya) is sausage using a pig’s intestine and filled with pig’s blood that is cooked or dried and mixed with a filler (rice, beef [or pork meat], onions, cilantro, chiles, garlic) until it is thick enough to solidify when cooled. Variants of the morcilla are found in all corners of the world, using …

Vineando Con José

The idea for Vineando con José sprung from a desire to talk about wine in an accessible way, expand wine appreciation and reinforce the idea that it is possible to find high-quality wine at affordable prices.

José Moura, a wildly successful wine importer of French and Spanish wines in New York City, leads the web series in Spanish. José has built a thriving business by visiting small vineyards in Europe to discover superb wines that can sell in the American market for less than $20 a bottle.

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