Cava Castellar

Remember to celebrate the milestones as you prepare for the road ahead

— Nelson Mandela

Cava Castellar is Spanish for Celebrating More

The road ahead is about more. More milestones, more wins, more joy.

More is our primordial driver. More is the spark in our hearts, and the wind behind our souls, and milestones are the metrics. It’s not a measure of life, but of how we live it. And with each moment of growth, of defiance of the odds, and of joy, we pause and celebrate. We pop the cava, and cheer, ‘Here’s to more’, as we plot our next course. Cava is sparkling wine from Spain. And Cava Castellar is how we celebrate more.

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Cava is the best known sparkling wine of Spain. It is the go-to bubbly for celebrations of all sorts. In addition to chardonnay, Macabeo (or Macabeu as it is known in Catalan) is also blended with Xarel·lo and Parellada grapes to make cava.

The Macabeo is probably the best white wine grape for natural wine making in warmer climates. It is not only grown in the cava producing areas south of Barcelona, but also in the Rioja region of northeastern Spain, and the Languedoc-Roussillon region of France. Our Cava Castellar Brut is 90% macabeo and 10% chardonnay.

The Macabeo grape is also used in the base spirit to create Obsello Absinthe.

As with Champagne and other wines strictly regulated by their regions of origin, only wines produced in Spain and in the traditional method may be labelled “cava”; those produced by other processes may only be called “sparkling wines”. In the past, cava was referred to as “Spanish champagne”, which is no longer permitted under European Union law, since Champagne has Protected Geographical Status (PGS) and Spain entered the EU in 1986.