Wine List 2020

Welcome to José Moura’s Wine List 2020, a portfolio of exquisite selections from choice chateaux, domaines, and bodegas throughout France, Spain, Italy, and California.

Every year we dedicate our wine list to the working people because that is us, where we come from, who we work with, and who we do business with: from local growers in Europe, to local bars in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Our business is to create, nurture, and grow that process with farmers, creators, innovators, and educators.

2019 was a unique year of social unrest throughout the world. History dictates this is part of our social checks and balances. It is a healthy thing for leaders to constantly find ways to better serve the dreams and aspirations of the people, and their nations.  Our 2020 Wine List is dedicated to our brothers and sisters around the world looking to grow and strengthen their lifestyles, for themselves, their families, and fellow countryfolk.

It is our privilege to present the fruits of our beloved, collective labor: our wine list for 2020, a sliver of wonderful from local European and American farmers.

Visit the individual France, Spain, Italy, and California pages to explore in detail our.