Welcome to José Moura’s Wine List 2021, a portfolio of exquisite selections from choice chateaux, domaines, and bodegas throughout France, Spain, Italy, and California.

Every year we dedicate our wine list to the working people because that is where we come from, who we work with, and who we do business with: from local growers in Europe, to local bars in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Our business is to create, nurture, and grow that process, and those relationships, with farmers, creators, innovators, and educators.

We thought 2019 was a unique year of social unrest throughout the world. And certainly, it was. But it was barely a warm-up for what was to come.

Our Wine List 2021 is dedicated to our brothers and sisters around the world who have suffered from the ravages of the pandemic, and the economic toll that followed. It is especially dedicated to the first responders, the folks who work to keep the rest of us safe so we may continue to dream, and march forward to a better world, and the worlds beyond.

Despite the challenges of COVID-19 that have grounded so many, we continue to reach beyond the heavens. As of this writing, eleven nations have launch capabilities to put a payload into orbit, or beyond. Three nations are sending probes, rovers, and even a helicopter to Mars in 2021. Our need to transcend conventions continues to drive us forward, as we constantly look to make course corrections where needed here on Earth.

We welcome you to explore our France, Spain, Italy, and California pages to celebrate our collective perseverance in the year ahead.